Dr. Colle has nearly a decade of professional experience and joined the Regional Brain & Spine team in 2008. He specializes in minimally invasive surgical procedures for the spine and brain and endoscopic techniques to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. He also treats degenerative spine disease and spinal tumors. Dr. Colle is the only neurosurgeon in the area who performs deep brain stimulation. He is also one of the few area neurosurgeons that performs the minimally invasive SI Joint fusion procedure.   Dr. Colle also offers Cryopreserved Amniotic Suspension injections which are intended for Osteoarthritis (OA) and painful joints when other therapies have failed or are not enough.

Workers’ Comp patients also benefit from the prompt and comprehensive treatment that Dr. Colle provides. With his expertise and guidance, many are able to recover and return to their jobs in a timely fashion.

Dr. Colle practices with a down-to-earth and accessible style that helps patients feel at ease under his care. By sharing his knowledge and sense of optimism and perseverance, he helps inspire patients to achieve their treatment goals.

When he is not practicing medicine, Dr. Colle makes the most of family time with his wife and children. He also enjoys travel and golf.


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