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Reasons to hire IME

The decision to retain a qualified  Independent Medical Examiner(IME)  is difficult and expensive. Selecting the right IME, and the right consultant, is critically important!

You should view your IME as a trusted partner and advisor; one with a history for
making clients successful in the handling of their cases.

  • How important is it for you to have peace of mind knowing the IME  you are calling upon to coordinate your legal services is specialized in legal exam facilitation and operating in your best interest?

  • How important is peace of mind knowing your IME successfully coordinates your  request based on specialized legal exam facilitation processes and operating in your best interest?

  • How often do you get into a “crunch” and rely on your IME as much as you do the consultant?

  • What is the value of knowing the IME  has expertise in the legal industry and knowledge to assist you in meeting critical deadlines, stipulation compliance, Subpoena defense, and making the appropriate decisions during the process?

  • What is the impact of finding out you have an IME  in place without the appropriate experience facilitating your legal exam and who ends up making wrong decisions resulting in your ‘slam dunk’ case turning into an expensive nightmare?

We invite you to experience The National Directory Of Independent Medical Examiners customized directory for legal examiner facilitation and discover why the National Directory of Independent Examiners is The Trusted Source for IME Services.